This book was born out of personal self-doubt and observations of women.  It is designed to challenge the way we see and think about beauty.  This book provides somewhat of a spiritual twist to help women see themselves for all they truly are.  Pick up your copy today! Click on the book for paperback for e-book.

“I Am Woman: 21 Triumphant Women Sharing Their Journey to Embracing Truth and Their Authentic Self” is a collaboration of 21 courageous women who share their true life stories from pain, brokenness, betrayal, abuse and rejection to living a life of fulfillment, joy, forgiveness, peace, and freedom. Their stories are relevant, real, and relatable. This is an opportunity for women to turn their pain into power and to stand on their stories as triumphant women who overcame. 

I am so excited to be a contributing Co-Author.  Click on the book cover to order your copy today!