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Just as the Mission states, Sharon is the change agent that helps women and young girls break the bondage of negative self image; appreciate their God-given uniqueness; and embrace the beauty of the total person!

Speaking topics include:

In His Image: It is often said that we can learn from the mistakes of others; however, when it comes to negative body and self image, many often repeat one major error over and over--without even realizing it.  Sharon has discovered a Biblical connection to this particular mistake and stands ready to help you identify and eradicate it from your life!  Even if you don't feel you have an image issue, this revelation is still knowledge you should own!

5 Creative Keys To Move You Forward:   Maybe what's stopping you is not a lack of skill or training, but maybe it's YOU.  That's right, your own fear, the wrong mindset, the lack of a systematic approach--all of which can lead to a lack of confidence and prolonged stagnation.

Stress Busters--10 Practical Tips to Ease Your Life!:  ​If you live anywhere on the planet today, no doubt this workshop is for you!  Learn practical, easy to apply methods to reduce stress in your life.  This workshop also comes with testing to help you pinpoint your current level of stress.

Let Sharon help you to get un-stuck internally, and produce results


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About the author

​Sharon Rene' Hedgemon is the Founder and CEO of Real Beauty A to Z, LLC, which ignites women to rise above their self-imposed limitations and meet the personal power they possess within.

Sharon is a #1 Best Selling author, Speaker, and Change Agent. In her first book “The ABC’s of Real Beauty” she empowers women with the solutions needed to lift their self-esteem and embrace their authentic beauty. Her book has since expanded to the production of The Year of Affirmation, an inspirational calendar for women.

Sharon has been featured on various radio and TV media outlets such as: The Joe Lockett Show, ABC 33/40 Talk of Alabama, and The Alabama Way (ION TV), along with many others. Sharon has also been featured in the Birmingham Times and contributed to numerous written publications, the most recent being in Nigeria.

Sharon resides in Birmingham, AL. She is a BA graduate of Stillman College and currently holds a PHR certification in Human Resources, the field in which she has worked for over 20 years. She is married to Reverend LaBrose Hedgemon and shares his passion for helping others and sharing The Gospel.  Sharon is also the the proud mother of one son. Learn more about Sharon at You can also like her facebook page at and follow her on Twitter  @realbeautyatoz.

Here are just a few of the comments from people who have read

The ABC's of Real Beauty:

"A self-reflective read for individuals of all ages, gender, and cultural backgrounds, written in a uniquely beautiful style, and filled with an abundance of truth and rich insight.  An inspirational book, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and which I hope is equally appreciated by those close to me who've received it as a gift. Many deep and sincere thanks to the author for sharing her beautiful gift of wisdom with us." -- Paul D. Hewitt

"Once I started reading The ABC's of Real Beauty I couldn't put it down.  It made me think of my inner self, my worth, my spirit, and my God given talents.  This book will make you look at yourself and appreciate what you see.  An added plus, it's reader friendly.  Looking forward to reading more from this author." --Laura Harris

"​This is a very good book that questions the definition(s) of beauty.  This book sheds light on other areas of our lives that could and should be used to define who we are.  Instead of looking at the features of our faces and bodies, other attributes and actions are viewed as ways to see our unique beauty.  This book is full of positive affirmations and good advice that can be used by all:  young, old, rich, poor, male, female.  This book also makes an excellent gift for anyone who you see as beautiful but they need help to see that beauty."--Regina Labbe

"​I really enjoyed your book--It signifies the very essence of beauty as intended.  You took something as simple as the alphabet to describe true beauty which is truly skin deep.  We should all appreciate the uniqueness and creativity of our creator and stop judging ourselves amongst ourselves as well as learn to celebrate our uniqueness.  One of my favorite of several of the alphabets is "I" Intelligent--I love the point you made about God promising us wisdom if we would just ask for it."--Dr. J. Edwards

​"…I've never had issues with my self-esteem, but just reading how my temple is of God's GREAT creation & Love makes me appreciate myself on another level...but reading your book gave me eyes to see what God sees in His creation.  This world can be so harsh to the female being and even more harsh to the black female being when it comes to their appearance.  I know if a female is struggling with their self-esteem, this book would open their eyes and heart to see themselves in a special way.  You have an amazing talent and I pray God will continue to use you to do His Will."--Shannon Charleston

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Connect with Sharon:

​Twitter and Periscope:  @realbeautyatoz

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